y son was born prematurely and that mixed with a family history of speech and language issues brought me to Dr. Susan Grant's office when our son was 2 years old. During the evaluation process, I found Dr. Grant not only to be extremely knowledgeable, but very personable. My son took to her almost immediately. After the evaluation Dr. Grant explained to my husband and me, in language we could understand, what issues were affecting our son. We were also provided a very thorough report. Her office environment is very child friendly, and her support staff, professional staff of speech-language pathologists and clinical psychologist, is equally as fabulous. Our son has made outstanding progress from receiving speech therapy services at Dr. Grant's office.

I think the most wonderful comment I hear from people is when they ask me, "Why is he receiving speech therapy?" It reminds how well everyone in this practice has done their job. My husband and I will always be extremely grateful to Dr. Grant and the therapists for their help.

  y son, Gregory, was referred to Dr. Grant at age 4 for evaluation of developmental delay. This was a frightening time for our family. Dr. Grant spoke with us by telephone, reassured our fears and answered many questions. Gregory was promptly seen and thoroughly evaluated. Dr. Grant's kind and gentle manner was the perfect fit; she and Greg developed an immediate rapport. Dr. Grant met with us after the testing, explained the findings, and developed a plan of therapy.

Gregory has been receiving speech therapy with Gretchen Montcalmo, M.S., CCC-SLP, for receptive and expressive language delay for 3 years. His progress has been remarkable. He enjoys and looks forward to therapy. Gretchen speaks with us after each session to review the exercises, and advise us on how to work with Greg at home.

Dr. Grant and Gretchen have worked closely with us to find the appropriate school for Greg. They have consulted and advised his teachers and school administrators how to best meet Gregory's needs. They have worked closely with his therapies in other specialties. Dr. Grant is well known and highly respected by educators and therapists in the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Dr. Grant and Gretchen are readily available by phone when we have concerns. We are most grateful for their expertise, compassion, and kindness. Gregory has achieved much success through their efforts.

Debra A. Vachon, M.D.